Here. Some work.

So, voila. Here is my work so far in my photography class.

There are three assignments (and some extra prints) in this “gallery” (thanks, WordPress). The first focused on light and how photography is “drawing with light.” Super artsy-like, right? The second assignment was on photograms. For those of you who don’t know what those are, have no fear. It’s literally just throwing shit on paper and exposing it. It was awful, and I hated it. Lastly, the third assignment dealt with using the photograph as a document. So, I went super literal and “documented” buildings and “manicured spaces.” Shoutout to my professor for handing me that central theme.

In addition to the work produced for class,  I have also printed some for my own enjoyment. So, yeah. That’s a thing.

For our next assignment, we’re toying with perspective. I’ve only posted one photo from that on here, because that’s all the work I’ve done for it up to this point in time. I really should be in the darkroom rather than on here.

Anyway, enjoy. Or don’t.

Pro-tip: The photos are captioned with the assignment that corresponds. That’s if they correspond with an assignment.


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