An Unorthodox Screen Test

This past Friday I went to the Andy Warhol Museum with a few friends, one of which was visiting town for the first time. On one of the seven packed floors, there is a room that enables visitors to make a screen test just like Warhol did many times. Warhol’s screen tests required the person being filmed to sit still for 3 minutes, exactly how long it took the 16-mm film to run through the camera. I decided to do one, however a little unconventional from Warhol’s.

I hadn’t realized that I was so close to the camera and didn’t judge the lighting correctly because of how the touchscreen was angled from the camera. However, despite all this, I really enjoy my screen test. I think this silent “film” shows how I interact with people without the bias of commentary or tone. Obviously, I thought it was interesting enough to post it on here, but that could just be my ego showing.


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