Here goes nothing!

My roommate and I have started a new endeavor! Not much has been updated, yet. However, things are on a roll, so more will be posted here!

The Shady Gardens of Studio Ivy

We are Edward and Hannah. 22-year-olds seeking some calm in a world of roommates, classmates, friends, and significant others moving at a hellish pace.

How to do that? We’re going to garden. Then harvest. Then cook.

Inspired by Pinterest…

Apartment Garden

and Paris…

More Paris Gardens

…we’ve filled a Wunderlist with plans for seed options, organizational techniques, timing strategies for optimum sunshine, and fancy set ups that maybe one day we’ll achieve.

Here begins this unlikely-to-succeed journey of growing vegetables on our roofed front porch. We’ve been told by the folks at Home Depot that we don’t stand a chance… What can we say, we’re stubborn.

We hope to use this blog as proof of our efforts while the earth remains unbroken. Follow along and share your advice… here goes nothing!

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