A Summer Update

The summer has blown by and I’m already getting ready to move out of my apartment (and back into my parent’s, yikes). I figured that this would be a good time to sort of update this WordPress.

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer, yet different than others. This is my first summer as a post-grad, so that’s bizarre. I’ve been (lightly) preparing for France and mostly just spending time with my friends/roommates. I’ve formulated some new plans for myself and this next academic year (some already completed). I finally finished that lynda.com Photoshop course from last summer! I’ve moved onto Premiere Pro, but have already slowed down on that. Reading has reentered into my life as I’ve completed the first two books of Game of Thrones.

But as for my upcoming plans, they vary and we’ll see how they actually take form (if at all). I’ve decided to start a weekly vlog YouTube channel of my weeks in Cannes. This sprouted mostly as a way of sharing my life with my friends back in America. Not that I won’t be in contact with them, but rather this makes the catch-up more visual and engaging rather than stagnant photos and messages. In addition, I’ve decided to take a lot of my photography equipment to Cannes, along with some color film. Hopefully, I fall into some sort of idea as in what I should be doing with photography now, but we’ll see.

Funny enough, I’ve also flirted with the idea of starting to write a memoir. Like, obviously I have nothing to really write about. However, I think it would be fun, if not distracting, to sit down and just type out a bunch of randomness in my spare time. This “project” is very TBD, if not a hallucination.

I’m also hoping to update this WordPress more often and work to mainline my social media presence. That’ll be quite an undertaking. But for now, I’ll stick to my lynda.com courses, books, and prepping for Cannes.


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