Versatile Recipes | Grill-Steamed Zucchini & Squash

Welcome, welcome. Gather ’round. I have something to share with y’all.

It’s grill-steamed zucchini and squash (how so exciting, no?). This is one of my favorite recipes in the summer and it’s (as the title claims) pretty versatile once it’s made!

If this (at all) interests you, I encourage you to read on!

(Forewarning: The photos in this post are kind of rough, because this was spur-of-the-moment and I used my iPhone. Regardless, apologies are in order for the eye-assault to ensue. Enjoy!)

Congrats on getting this far in the post. If you’re a tad hesitant, have no worries; this will be worth it.

To start off, let’s gather a list of materials you’ll need:

  1. Zucchini (in this instance, I used two)
  2. Squash
  3. Salt
  4. Pepper,
  5. Olive Oil
  6. Aluminum Foil (2 sheets should do the trick)

Voilà. It’s pretty simple, as can be shown here.

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-1

As one can imagine, start off by cutting up your squash and zucchini. The thickness depends on your own preference. I usually go with a large piece because the vegetables will usually cook down in size. At this point, I add some olive oil, salt, and pepper to the mix and well, mix it. I don’t exactly use measurements for this part. I just sort of feel it out. However, it’s always wiser to start with less salt and pepper because you can always add more!

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-2Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-3

Now here comes the “tricky” part. The folding of the aluminum. You will be essentially creating a pea pod made of aluminum for your veggies. Start with one sheet with the shinier side facing up. This will allow the cooking process to progress quicker as this side will trap in more heat.

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-4

You’ll want to maneuver the aluminum foil and vegetables so that you fold it long-ways (hot dog style, or whatever you may call it). At this point, start to fold over and pinch the excess aluminum on both ends, eventually working your way towards the middle. This will close up the vegetables so they steam up well on the grill. Word of caution: don’t pack the vegetables up so tight that you create a hole. There’s no need for this little veggie pod/metallic hoagie to be airtight.

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-5

After you’ve folded it up once, take your other sheet of aluminum foil and repeat. You’re ready for the grill!

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-6

Place that aluminum bad boy on the grill for around 15 minutes. If you fold over the long crease you’ve made so that the top is flat, feel free to flip the vegetables over about halfway through. Totally up to you though (personally, I don’t).

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-7

Be careful when taking the package off the grill and opening it up. Surprise! It’s f*cking hot and filled with steam. I know that sounds dumb to remind you of, but you’d be amazed by how many people I’ve seen mess that one up. But once you’ve let them cool off initially, these veggies are ready to be served!

Grill-Steamed Zucchini and Squash-8

Like I mentioned before, this is one of my favorite summer items to make because of the various uses I can get out of making it just once. They’re a great side dish right off the grill. They go great on a salad (warm or cold). They’re even great just on their own; no partnership necessary. Not to mention, you can totally do other varieties on this by adding different vegetables, spices, and oils to add flavor and a personal touch to your own meal (how corny does that sound).

Well, if you’ve made it this far, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! And thank you! Keep yourself in the loop and follow Curating a Life for more updates just like this.

Until next time!


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