Wanting to Amount to Something

Today, I stumbled up on this opinion-type-editiorial-type-open-letter-thing on the Huffington Post. It really hit home and “spoke to me,” for lack of better wording.

The whole letter was addressed to every queer person out there, and I have never been quite as inspired as I was after reading this piece. (Which you can find here.) It essentially goes on to explain about how people who identify as anything other than as a cisgendered heterosexual have been crucial throughout all of history. Not only have they been contributing widely to society, in some cultures and religions, they’re even revered.

I felt that immense pride and uplifted spirit that makes me want to become one of the important members of society who can contribute just as much as these predecessors. However, a small feeling crept in and reminded me that it’s hard to amount to something as important and ground-breaking as a lot of these other people have. Sometimes that feeling can overshadow that surge of inspiration. I’ve realized that you need to keep up what you’re doing and that maybe someday you will have done something just as important or ground-breaking. Success doesn’t happen overnight; and it can be difficult to realize that in the moment.

Also, disclaimer: I hope I haven’t offended anyone in the terms I used in reference to gender identity and sexual orientation. I don’t speak enough about the subject in my personal life to really grasp the terms and I believe to have used them correctly here. If not, please let me know so I can make corrections here, and in my daily rhetoric.


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