My Year in Music

I decided to take a look at my year in music (as told by Spotify), and it was oddly spot-on.

Spotify has been propositioning me to check out “my year” in music. I experienced a weird mix of emotions as they took me from my first song of 2015 to some embarrassing(?) end-of-the-year stats. I will say that there was a good two portions of the year where I did not use Spotify as my main platform for listening to music. So, I think it’s missing some key listening history, but overall, nails my 2015 on the head. (Also, sorry in advance for these Spotify infographics being in French. I live in France.)


In no way does it surprise me that Shania Twain was my most listened to artist of the year. In no way am I ashamed of this fact. I mean if you had to ask my friends to guess what my most listened to artist was, they’d guess Shania Twain, Abba, or Marina and the Diamonds. What does shock me is that Locked Away is my most listened to song of 2015? That’s definitely not true for in general, but I guess it must be for Spotify. I’m still kind of confused about that.


The breakdown for what I listened to in each season of the year is scarily accurate. It’s kind of nostalgic, in a good and bad way. I definitely wouldn’t argue with this summary, except I really don’t think Hilary Duff was my most listened to artist of the summer. But, to be fair, I switched to Apple Music for the summer, so the data is probably a little off.

Unfortunately, Spotify didn’t provide me with a graphic for my top five genres of 2015. I thought it was hilarious, because I don’t knowingly limit myself to any genre. The fact that my top genres included Pop and four sub-genres of Pop really does sum me up, and I like that.

Well, I guess I’ll have more weird music listening habits to look forward to in the New Year. 2016, I’m ready for ya.


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