Digital: The Photographer’s Playbook

This was the first real assignment of the semester. We had to draw out of a hat our assignment from a book called, The Photographer’s Playbook. My professor was hoping I’d receive this one in particular. 

Margarete Jakschik
Follow Your Heart

“When I studied photography in Thomas Ruff’s class in Düsseldorf, there were always assignments given, such as, “shoot train stations, bus stops, or industrial sties.” Then groups of students trotted off. I found this way of working did not suit me. There was something too concrete about it. I preferred a more abstract assignment, and instead I followed a path in which I embraced a certain degree of arbitrariness; motifs would come along, and as they did, I juxtaposed them into a kind of narration.

Therefore, my assignment would be to “follow your heart”-in all seriousness and with all its trappings. This way, you can be aware of situations that others might easily miss or things others are oblivious to-it could be a certain quality of light, the blow of the wind when driving…

Let your work evolve like a visual song. When you hear a song, try to transport the feeling of it into your work. Others might not see it, but there is a transformation happening in your work, which will hopefully be identified by a larger audience on a similar emotional frequency.

Once you allow chance and emotions to enter your work, this can become the most beautiful assignment for yourself.”

Assignment 1-108Assignment 1-124Assignment 1-148Assignment 1-163Assignment 1-185


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