Black and White: Light

Before I enrolled in the digital photography course in university, I first took their introductory black and white class. Since, I was posting the work from that class on the Blogger blog (that sounds weird, but whatever), I’m moving those posts over to here as well!

For our first assignment in black and white photography, the goal was to go out and shoot two rolls of film. Most, if not all, of the students hadn’t interacted with a film camera before. So, it was a starting point for all of us. We were asked to study light, the essence of photography. The word itself loosely translates into “light drawing.”

These were my two photos for the critique. Nothing particularly interesting in my opinion. But, I look back at these photos with some form of “nostalgia,” mostly because I shot what my eye was drawn to. I ended up making myself an example for my class for shooting in the harsh sunlight of the late afternoon. Regardless, take a look below at the final products.

Hannah_no borderScott Hall_no border


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