Black and White: Photography as Documentation

Going through all of these photos from my photography courses in university is bringing up a lot of interesting reactions of my own to the work I did.

For example, this small grouping is from our third assignment. We had to present a small series that depicted photography as a means of documenting. I took the theme to be fairly literal and compiled the following series during a weekend in Washington, D.C. and then, obviously, in Pittsburgh. I enjoyed this assignment, but I can’t help but notice some flaws in it. Keeping one of the images vertical makes me question what I was even thinking at the time. And why would I have included a photo of the side of a building, when the rest are shots from a distance of entire buildings?

There are other specifics that drive me a little crazy. Regardless, feel free to judge away and take a look below!

Capitol_no border
The Capitol, 2014
Hammerschlag_no border
Hammerschlag Hall, 2014
Library of Congress_no border
The Library of Congress, 2014
Mansion on Fifth_no border
The Mansion on Fifth, 2014
Phipps_no border
Phipp’s Conservatory, 2014
Supreme Court door_no border
The Supreme Court, 2014

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