Black and White: Replicate

One of the last assignments in my black and white photography course tied into a presentation that each student had to prepare. Without our knowledge of this little assignment, each student had to present on a photographer of their choice. After doing so, we all had to take two photos and replicate either the style of the photographer or two of their own photos.

I presented on Henri Cartier-Bresson, most known for his work in photojournalism and developing street photography. One of Bresson’s main points was the “decisive moment,” or the split second a photographer has to capture a unique creative decision or expression within in the frame.

Below are the two photos I replicated from Bresson’s breadth of work (with links to their originals). Personally, one of the photos worked better than the other specifically based on the resources I had available such as the backdrops and models. Overall, I really enjoyed the opportunity to dig more into Bresson’s style with this assignment.

Assignment 6_Roll 1_008
Original here.
Assignment 6_Roll 1_018
Original here.

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