Black and White: The Final Assignment

For the final project of this course, I set out to create a photo series that showed the absurdity of women’s clothing. How successful was I? Not particularly.

I decided to capture how normal these clothes seemed “on the rack.” And then photographed myself in them, obviously they don’t fit.

These photos were cut to be the size they are below and hung on tiny copper wire hangers that I made in order to facilitate the theme of “on the rack” more.

The reactions to the assignment seemed to focus on what exactly my series was achieving. A lot of different themes were proposed such as gender roles, sexuality, gender identification, and sexism in the fashion industry. Because I didn’t really work through my own ideas when taking the photos and presenting them, I didn’t have a concrete response to the critique. I still don’t really know what I achieved, if anything, from this assignment.

Take a look below, and see if you can figure it out.


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