Who I Am

My name is Edward Wojciechowski and am currently 22 years old. I am a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon where I studied French, Spanish, and Italian.


I have also dabbled in German, Polish, Russian, and Portuguese. I have tutored in French and Spanish; and until recently, I taught ESL. I’m living in Cannes for the next year in order to be an English Teaching Assistant at the Lycée Professionnel Des Métiers les Coteaux. During my time in the French Riviera, I’ve decided to start vlogging! You can check out my YouTube page and subscribe by clicking this link.


This blog is mostly for what I find interesting and worthy of typing out. I’ll probably use it to vent/ramble about my time in Cannes. In addition to language, I am also passionate about photography, fashion, cooking, gardening, and travel. So, you might find some of that stuff here as well!


Stay tuned for more ramblings!

And if you want, you can follow or check me out on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube (again lol)!


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