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Whoa, it’s been a while.

Summer is over and the fall semester has started. In fact, it’s halfway over. I’ve enrolled in a black and white photography course here at CMU. Based on the interest of some of my friends to see my “work,” I have decided to return to this little bloggy thingy. It seems like a decent platform to show what I’ve done. Wow, this blog will have actual content. How strange. Anyway, shoutout to Anne for indirectly pushing me to do this. “You da real MVP.”

Camera Things

At the beginning of this summer, I started off fairly motivated to get a checklist of to-do items completed. I decided to take a photoshop course online and teach myself about photo editing. Last month, I slacked off on the course quite a bit. One of my roommates has recently had a resurgence of motivation in taking photos and home videos. She has inspired me to get back in the saddle, if I may, regarding the photoshop course and check off this list of items:

  1. Photoshop course
  2. Photography course
  3. Premiere Pro course
  4. Edit home videos to revamp YouTube channel
  5. Organize my entire photo library

My friend’s motivation has made me realize how precious moments are. The summer feels almost half over already, and I wanted this summer to be memorable, fulfilling, relaxing, and fresh. By taking the time to document my life, I’ll always have these memories immortalized (digitally and in print) for my future self and future family.

World Cup Fever

Le Coupe du Monde. La Copa Mundial. The World Cup. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a big deal right now. I have World Cup fever like never before. After spending so much time in Europe and being exposed to football, it has become one of my favorite sports. I’m conflicted between my two favorite teams: France and Spain. Well, obviously the USA as well, but we shall see how they do tonight! Spain’s loss was crushing, and I don’t think they’ll take the Cup this year. However, France, with little expectations in comparison, looked pretty good yesterday! We’ll see how the rest of the competition plays out. Allez les Blues! ¡Viva España! Go Team USA!


By copa2014.gov.br (Brazil beat Croatia in World Cup opening match) [CC-BY-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Well, Here I am

I guess I can say that this new experience is thanks to the documentary Mademoiselle C, which I watched yesterday. The film rekindled this interest of fashion in me. It took me back to when I first decided to take a stab at the industry and I started a “fashion blog” on tumblr. My experience on there fluctuated dramatically, which brings me to this platform. Well, there are many reasons as to why I’ve started this new blog. I guess I can call this a blog…I blog…I’m blogging…anyway. I just want to post about my interests without the annoyance of a strong social media hierarchy and backdrop. I’m hoping here that I can casually post about things that interest me, my opinions on current events, and share, or rather immortalize, the dramatics of my young adult life. To sum that all up, I want this site to serve as a curation for others to see, if they want. And if no one cares, then whatever. I’m doing this for me (as cheesy as that fucking sounds). Anyway, here’s to this thing!